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Triple Creek Ranch

Historical Sites - Lewis & Clark

The Lewis & Clark Historical Trail commemorates one of our nation's grandest journeys of exploration. Triple Creek Ranch, in the heart of Montana's beautiful Bitterroot Mountains, sits amidst an expanse of this history. The Lewis & Clark enthusiast can enjoy a day trip or two of these sites while visiting Montana's Triple Creek Ranch.

South of Triple Creek Ranch

Lost Trail Pass - While traveling along the Continental Divide, Lewis & Clark were led astray camping the evening of September 3, 1805, three miles west of the pass. This route was much more difficult than necessary having to cut a road over rocky hillsides where their horses faced many serious dangers.

Meeting a Village of the Flathead Nation - Near present-day Sula, Montana. On the morning of September 4, 1805, the ground was covered with snow and everything was wet and frozen. After traveling about 12 miles, the Expedition met the Flathead Indians, encountering 33 Lodges, appoximately 440 people and 500 horses. Here Lewis & Clark purchased 13 more horses and set out down the Bitterroot River. They passed smoothly through the Bitterroot Valley until reaching Lolo Creek.

The Expedition West

North of Triple Creek Ranch

Travelers Rest and Nez Perce Pass - Near present-day Lolo, Montana. From here, Lewis & Clark were accompanied by a Flathead Indian over the Bitterroot Mountains, via the Nez Perce Trail, where they were introduced to his people. Here Lewis & Clark built dugouts to prepare for their journey to the ocean.

Lolo Pass - On September 11, 1805, the Expedition set out again and two days later reached Lolo Pass where Lewis & Clark began what was to be the most difficult part of their journey.

The Return Route East

North of Triple Creek Ranch

Travelers Rest - On July 3, 1806, during their return trip from the ocean, Lewis & Clark were again at Travelers Rest. Here the party separated. Clark with 50 horses, 20 men, Sacagawea and her baby, headed back up the Bitterroot River. Lewis and 9 men headed down the Bitterroot River to the Clark Fork.

South of Triple Creek Ranch

Gibbon's Pass - Clark on his journey south again crossed the Continental Divide, this time at Gibbon's Pass.

Jackson Hot Springs - During the group's travels through the Big Hole Valley, they stopped and relaxed in a hot springs. These hot springs can still be enjoyed today by modern travelers at Jackson Hot Springs, Jackson, Montana.

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